• Structural, seismic and geotechnical design;
  • Vulnerability assessments of existing buildings and rehabilitation projects;
  • Structural analysis and creation of numerical models for the solution of complex problems;
  • Development of specific software;
  • Structural optimization problems;
  • Technical advice for legal disputes;
  • Construction supervision.


Significant experience has been gained in:

  • form finding techniques for tensile structures;

  • proposal of new suspension systems for bridges having a prominent architectural impact;

  • large roofs for stadiums or public centers (truss systems and cable domes);cupole g30

  • life cycle analysis of reinforced concrete structures and evaluation of the residual service life;corace (2)

  • probabilistic approaches to time dependent behaviour of reinforced concrete bridges;montecarlo

  • structural collapses, forensic engineering, with the application of advanced numerical approaches;gela_ogela_def

  • structural optimization problems, solved also by artificial intelligence methods.